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An offer you can’t refuse|Troy&Ava

It was late in the afternoon when Ava finally woke up. Wrapped in Troy’s sheets, Ava groggily got up and sat on the bed looking around. She winced a little at the amount of sunlight hitting her room. Holding her hand up to her eyes, she yawned and looked around the room. Her body was sore, from last night’s… activities. Ava had been with a few men before, but not many of them were as ardent as Troy was. Ava blushed at the thought, remembering some of the things they had done last night and the things he had done to her. Sure he promised multiple orgasms, but she never realized he would give her that many.

Turning over to look for him, feeling slightly saddened that their night was over and she was going back to stripping clothes for various men, she noticed a note on his side. She picked it up and read it. Meet me in the kitchen was all it read. Placing back down, Ava grabbed her robe from last night and made her way to the kitchen where she saw Troy reading a newspaper with various types of food in front of him. “Good morning,” she greeted him awkwardly, standing by the door playing with her sash.

She didn’t know how to react. Would they just go back to their usual routine? Ava starving and killing herself for time while Troy goes back to fucking another woman. She didn’t want to admit it, but she didn’t want the night to end. As much as she hated the fact that she used her body for time, she was well taken care of. Not something she could say about her past boyfriends, but she felt as if she was betraying Jasper, even though he left her.

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